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Work with a Reputable Construction Plumber in the Greensburg and Cranberry, PA Area

Rely on Rick Monz Plumbing to cater to the plumbing details of your new construction project. We provide professional and affordable services for new installations of fixtures of all kinds, including toilets, faucets, backflow systems, piping, and all else. Our construction plumbers provide exceptional work and will be with you every step of the way. If you want to make sure your new home construction plumbing project is done properly the first time, get in touch with our company in the Greensburg and Cranberry, PA area today!

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Contractors That Take Care of All the Details

We know that new home plumbing projects can be overwhelming, there are many details that need to be handled. As experienced construction plumbers, Rick Monz Plumbing can ensure that the process is hassle-free for you. Over the years our contractors have assisted many clients on both residential and commercial new construction plumbing projects. Our top priority is providing work that you are happy with, so you can expect us to go the extra mile for you.

Get Started on Your New Home Plumbing Project Today

Want to learn more about how our construction plumber can help? Get in touch with Rick Monz Plumbing today by calling! Our plumbing company is available to assist anyone with construction projects in Greensburg and Cranberry, PA.

We’ve got you covered

Happy Customers

  • Heidi M. Avatar
    Heidi M.
    - Google

    I noticed there was a leak coming from my dishwasher.... read more

    Hannah S. Avatar
    Hannah S.
    - Google

    Very quick to come out and replace my garbage disposal... read more

  • Tom M. Avatar
    Tom M.
    - Facebook

    Great work and a great price

    Tommy M. Avatar
    Tommy M.
    - Facebook

    Friday night at 5 PM, I found my water heater... read more

  • Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.
    - Facebook

    Good service friendly reasonable price

    Jamez C. Avatar
    Jamez C.
    - Google

    Unprofessional, rude, and dishonest. Steer clear unless you want... read more

  • Stephanie L. Avatar
    Stephanie L.
    - Google

    We needed a plumber fast because our DIY kitchen faucet... read more

    Derek B. Avatar
    Derek B.
    - Google

    Rick is straightforward and honest. He helped us with... read more

  • Lauren F. Avatar
    Lauren F.
    - Google

    Rick and his team are great! Twice they came to... read more

    Rowan P. Avatar
    Rowan P.
    - Google

    great service and very friendly, fixed my broken pipes in... read more

  • rylie p. Avatar
    rylie p.
    - Google

    hot water tank broke he was happy to help fix... read more

    Julia D. Avatar
    Julia D.
    - Google

    Great service

  • Samantha M. Avatar
    Samantha M.
    - Google

    Our hot water tank blew and Rick Monz plumbing came... read more

    Hunter S. Avatar
    Hunter S.
    - Google

    this gentleman was in and out with my hot water... read more

  • Jenny R. Avatar
    Jenny R.
    - Google

    Well I met Rick and His work Crew where very... read more

    Kylie C. Avatar
    Kylie C.
    - Google

    I would not recommend this company for appliance repair. My... read more

  • Keeley H. Avatar
    Keeley H.
    - Google

    Rick Monz Plumbing is impeccable Plumbing Contractor. I am very... read more

    Dutch R. Avatar
    Dutch R.
    - Google

    My hot water tank went on the fritz last month.... read more

  • Keeley B. Avatar
    Keeley B.
    - Google

    Was assigned him through mymy warran company. He ordered a... read more

    Peggy A. Avatar
    Peggy A.
    - Google

    I would recommend Rick Monz plumbing to anyone. ... read more

  • Shannon M. Avatar
    Shannon M.
    - Google

    I had plumbing issues and called Rick Monz Plumbing, they... read more

    Timothy H. Avatar
    Timothy H.
    - Google

    I had this company recommended to me and I am... read more

  • Nikki Avatar
    - Google

    Very prompt and professional response. Called him for a leak... read more

    Ka G. Avatar
    Ka G.
    - Google

    Would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. This was the... read more

  • Sadie R. Avatar
    Sadie R.
    - Google

    Absolutely one of the worst experiences I have ever had... read more

    Hunter W. Avatar
    Hunter W.
    - Google

    Service wise ok, not going to say professional but I... read more

  • Ling W. Avatar
    Ling W.
    - Google

    The plumbing contractor done great job. Thank you for professionalism.

    Muriel S. Avatar
    Muriel S.
    - Google

    Rick Monz Plumbing provides us very professional services. The plumber... read more

  • Daryl F. Avatar
    Daryl F.
    - Google

    Very impressing plumbing work. The leak was repaired. Thank you!

    Albertine S. Avatar
    Albertine S.
    - Google

    The plumber did great plumbing work. If I had need... read more

  • Jay D. Avatar
    Jay D.
    - Google

    We had a gas meter line that had rusted out... read more

    sherri e. Avatar
    sherri e.
    - Google

    I waited all day for service, after being told they... read more

  • Diana W. Avatar
    Diana W.
    - Google

    Excellent service!We had a clogged drain that resulted in rain... read more

    Liza W. Avatar
    Liza W.
    - Google

    I'm very pleased with this plumbing service. As a single... read more

  • Mary B. Avatar
    Mary B.
    - Facebook

    They answered the phone first try. Then was at the... read more

    Rodney L. Avatar
    Rodney L.
    - Facebook

    I cannot count on one hand how many times we... read more

  • LeeAnna H. Avatar
    LeeAnna H.
    - Facebook

    While I know working through HSA is different than calling... read more

    anthony r. Avatar
    anthony r.
    - Google

    Just plain rude inconsiderate terrible road raging driver

  • MoeSanders412 Avatar
    - Google

    Rick Monz plumbing was sent to my home by Lowe’s... read more

    Jill C. Avatar
    Jill C.
    - Google

    Rick Monz Plumbing and his staff were very knowledgeable, prompt,... read more

  • Georgia M. Avatar
    Georgia M.
    - Google

    Good plumber

    LeeAnna H. Avatar
    LeeAnna H.
    - Google

    While I know working through HSA is different than calling... read more

  • Irene S. Avatar
    Irene S.
    - Google

    My home warranty chose this company. I had to... read more

    Don P. Avatar
    Don P.
    - Google

    Came quick. Very friendly and helpful

  • A T. Avatar
    A T.
    - Google

    Home warranty selected this company. Gentlemen would call super... read more

  • Rick Monz plumbing was sent to my home by Lowe’s for a toilet repair/install. They arrived on time, were respectful... read more

  • Good plumber

    Georgia Monz
  • Rick Monz Plumbing and his staff were very knowledgeable, prompt, and attentive to our appliance issues. We would highly... read more

    Jill Closeme
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